Walking On College Campuses At Night

Although most people feel relatively safe on most college campuses, even at night, the one exception which is really a shame is when a black student is seen walking towards another non-black student on campus when the sun has already set.

This is very similar to a more generalized example of fear when it comes to strange black men approaching you when you are trying to get into your car on the street, or if you are out in the park alone at night, etc. And really it’s such a shame that the mere act of walking towards your general direction is enough to scare people. But that is the sad reality that not only black men all around the country feel, but especially black men who are on college campuses simply to learn.

Imagine staying late at night at the library just to study and work hard and become a better person, yet in the act of simply walking back to your dorm room you are given an odd look from a passerby, who clearly has the impression that you may jump him or her as soon as you walk by. And even worse is when they make an obvious attempt to start walking faster or to turn on their phone and start texting or calling a friend in an attempt to deter you from doing anything to them.

All of this is completely hurtful to students who are doing nothing different compared to if a white person was walking out late at night. All of this is yet another example of why black students are more often thought of as suspects or dangerous people in general, rather than students.

At least black women (typically) don’t receive this sort of response when they walk around at night. That’s just about the only good thing I can say about this stereotype, which isn’t saying much. And to be quite frank, if you can’t handle a black person walking past you at night, especially on a college campus which is generally considered to be safe, then you shouldn’t be walking around at night at all. Just stay indoors and keep your racism to yourself, please and thanks.

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