The Uniqueness Of Black Hair

I remember when I first started growing my hair out and started to have an afro-like poof to my hair, and people in my middle school were asking if they could touch it. I took it all in stride because I was getting some much-needed attention and loved how surprised they got when they realized just how fluffy and puffy my hair was compared to theirs.

Black hair is a totally different beast when it comes to hair in general. One part that I don’t particularly like is that having black hair is a constant struggle of maintenance. Although I sport much shorter hair nowadays (in part because shorter hair is much easier to maintain than longer hair), every day I still need to shampoo and condition my hair with specialty products to keep it from getting too frizzy or dried out throughout the day. If I forget to do that even just one morning, my hair will go completely out of whack.

Now plenty of black people, especially women don’t want to deal with their black hair, which is why they often end up using a hair weave instead. This fake hair is not only much easier to maintain overall, but they are versatile enough to create all sorts of new hairstyles. Plenty of popular black celebrities (for example Beyoncé) use hair weaves to create a wide range of hairstyles on a near daily basis, and seeing role models make effective use of hair weaves only makes more and more black women want to use them as well.

And although hair weaves are an easy way to create exciting hairstyles, even our natural hair can be iconic and bold. For example, the classic afro is synonymous with black people, and something that cannot be replicated by white people (without the use of a wig). And cornrows are also a unique hairstyle that only black people can truly pull off.

Although black hair is definitely a struggle compared to the hair of other ethnicities, at the same time it lends itself to totally unique and creative hairstyles that definitely help to elevate and promote black culture throughout the country as a whole!

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