The Allure Of A Black Man’s “Junk”

As a black woman, I absolutely love black men. And it’s not necessarily because I’m attracted to his similar facial features, or because he “gets me” due to the similar cultural backgrounds. No, to be perfectly frank, I love black men because of the size of their junk.

It’s massive and something that seems almost surreal the first time you see it. I actually have only dated Asian and white men while I was in high school, and never got the chance to see a black man’s junk in person until college – and my first experience with a black men was your typical college hookup, which meant getting straight into bed and seeing his manhood for myself right then and there. No waiting required as would typically be the case in a regular romantic relationship.

I’ll admit that I went on a sort of binge of black men during my freshman year of college. And it was totally worth it (don’t worry, I used protection each and every time). And when I eventually ended up in a black man “dry spell” so to speak, I truly realized how much of a withdrawal I was having. Even having sex with white guys with above average penis sizes (for their standards) couldn’t cut it for me, and after doing some research on finding the best dildo, I realized that a giant, realistic dildo was the perfect substitute for a black man’s junk (at least for me personally).

I actually couldn’t care less about the stereotypical black man’s facial features or his general personality. With a penis size that is literally second-to-none, if a black man has that size, then I’m totally down.

And while I admit that sex isn’t everything in life, at this point of my own personal life, it definitely is. So if you are in a similar stage of your life where sexual gratification is of utmost importance, then consider trying a black man out for size. Even if you aren’t physically attracted to black men otherwise, get over it and get into bed with at least one of them. He certainly won’t disappoint, and you’ll finally understand firsthand the phrase “Once you go black, you’ll never go back!”

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