Muslims And Islamophobia

Although this site is dedicated to the struggle that black students face, we can’t help but sympathize with the similar struggles that Muslim students face on college campuses as well. To a certain extent, their struggles are very similar to ours.

While black students are often mistrusted on a more generalized level, Muslims definitely have it worse off, with the mistrust stemming from fears that they may be terrorists, which is frankly absurd given that there are millions of Muslims in America and haven’t been any legitimate Muslim terrorist attacks in years. However, since the Muslim population continues to grow each and every year, the Islamophobia will seemingly only get worse.

Muslims in general also have it worse off fitting in simply because their culture is a lot more different than white culture is compared to black culture. To a certain extent, black culture is a part of white culture in that white people know about black culture and have a basic understanding of it – for example hip hop and rap are common knowledge to people all over the country. However, Muslim culture is a lot less recognized, and as a result is scrutinized as being completely foreign. This results in white people being a lot more reserved and unwilling to mingle with Muslim people in general, which is especially true on college campuses where many students have admittedly not fully matured and are therefore more prone to judging of people based on their cultural upbringings.

These cultural differences and the resulting distancing from white people, which still make up a majority of college campuses, often leaves Muslim students alone without as many friends as would be ideal. This adds an additional burden on them, not only from an academic point of view, since they have less people to study with and rely on for getting through school, but also from an emotional point of view, since they don’t have the necessary support system to help them get through the ups and downs with college and becoming an adult.

So although you may fully understand the struggle of black students in America, be sure not to downplay the similar struggles of Muslim students either.

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