Black Excellence In Sports

Although we often don’t get the respect we deserve in a lot of other fields, black people can at least find comfort in the fact that in the realm of sports, we dominate. Admittedly it did take some time for black people to even be included in various sports and to compete with and against white people, but once that hurdle was cleared, it was quite obvious that black people are on an entirely different level from other ethnicities (generally speaking of course).

Just think about all the major sports in America and you’ll see that most of the star players are black – players like Lebron James in basketball, or Odell Beckham Jr. in football. The reason for the dominance of black people is simply because we have more typically dominant physical traits than white people. Being faster and stronger than the other athletes gives you a competitive advantage, which is exactly the case with black people.

Now obviously there are plenty of sports that aren’t necessarily dominated by black people. For example, hockey is often played by Canadians or Europeans, most of whom are white. And baseball is a sport dominated by people of Hispanic descent. But in both of these cases, the lack of black athletes is not due to their inability to play the sport but rather differences in cultural upbringing that leads them to not want to play in such sports in the first place.

If a black man were to grow up loving hockey or baseball, then they would naturally play the sport and most likely dominate. But most black people grow up watching basketball or football, meaning they are drawn to those sports rather than others.

But black people can be found in all sorts of other sports as well. We have Tiger Woods who is making a comeback in golf, a prominent black athlete in his own right, as well as Usain Bolt who is universally known as the fastest man in the world. No matter how you look at it, black people are naturally gifted when it comes to sports, from professional sports all the way down to recreational sports leagues. And that is something that we all can be proud of as a generalized group of people!

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